Conference Program

The first day of UTD4 (August 2nd) features a full day of talks from world-leading researchers and practitioners. This includes two breakout sessions in the afternoon. 

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The second day of UTD4 (August 3rd) will feature a ticketed tour of two unique St. Petersburg, Florida sites - Boyd Hill Nature Preserve and the St. Petersburg Pier/Downtown District. Boyd Hill Preserve is a unique natural area in the heart of Florida's most densely-populated county. Despite this, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve features a unique native Florida pine flatwoods habitat which sustains a range of wildlife from birds of prey to burrowing gopher tortoises. An adjacent lake attracts even more native fauna such as the eye-catching rosette spoonbill and the impressive American alligator.  The St. Petersburg Pier is a recently redeveloped entertainment district which preserved existing trees and incorporated a range of underutilized native trees as part of its master landscape plan. Both sites offer a contrasting views of what urban forestry and urban tree diversity mean in a subtropical environment!

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